Living Stones Christian School


Students at LSCS are encouraged to achieve excellence in their academic endeavors. Our classes are designed so your child can receive personal attention and special help when needed.

Living Stones Christian School


We use athletics as an opportunity to instill a winning attitude centered around Christ-like behavior. Athletes are encouraged not to only develop their God-given athletic ability, but also to use sports as a way to build their character.



Our entire process of education is viewed as a means to bring students into fellowship with God, to help them become strong and mighty in the Spirit, and to assist each in developing a sound Christian mind.

Training up the Next Generation of Leaders

Living Stones Christian School has a mission of building future leaders through the organization of private education. Our school mission is to educate the minds of children, using a Bible based curriculum and innovative programs; to build their bodies through physical education and team sports; and to empower their spirits in an environment conducive to character development and spiritual growth.

Living Stones Christian School is a ministry of LS Church. Since 1974, LS Church has served this community, as well as, surrounding communities in effort to create an environment for people to flourish, discovering who they were created to be and how to activate their purpose.


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