One of the best things about LSCS is the atmosphere that promotes family and fun. Throughout the year we get together to celebrate events and special occasions.


Field Trips

Field trips provide an educational experience both socially and academically. Our students take a wide range of field trips to keep the lessons learned in the classroom connected with the world outside of school.


Grandparent’s Day

Each year we honor our grandparents. Grandparents are invited to visit their grandchild and enjoy fun and refreshments.


50’s & 100’s Day

On the 50th and 100th days of school, our elementary school celebrates. Our parents help by providing entertainment, decorations and special food treats. On these days the children are encouraged to dress in costumes that go with the theme. Math games and concepts are centered around 50’s and 100’s and are the main subject of the day.


Spirit Week

Spirit Week is the best time to participate in fun, dress-up days and show school spirit. Everyone has a great time showing off their creative outfits and winning spirit links with their class.


Book Fair

The annual book fair is set up and managed by parent volunteers. This is an opportunity for parents to view new books for their home libraries. They can order books for their home as well as for their child’s classroom. All books are delivered within a few weeks.


Community Outreach

Community Outreach is another area of mission work that touches our community. For the past several years, many of our students have been placed throughout the community to serve at the Senior Citizen Centers, local nursing homes, Houston Food Bank program and in other organizations that help people in need.


National Day of Prayer

Once a year our campus comes together for the National Day of Prayer. Students and Faculty take turns praying for our Government and State officials, our Local communities and our current President.