Our Mission

Develop Students. Mind. Body. Spirit.


LS Church

Living Stones Christian School is a ministry of LS Church. Since 1974, LS Church has served this community, as well as, surrounding communities in effort to create an environment for people to flourish while discovering who they were created to be and how to activate their purpose.

Our campus is a group of ministries with a shared purpose of training future leaders. From weekend church services, to year round daycare, summer camps with intern opportunities and a PreK-8 Christian School. Our mission is consistent – to train and develop leaders.

Our Campus-Wide Mission is simple:

“We believe it’s not just about us. We want to create an environment for each generation to experience God,
so they can take His legacy of love, hope and salvation to the world.”


Living Stones Christian School

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Living Stones Christian School fits perfectly into this overall mission of building future leaders through the organization of private education. Our school mission is to educate the minds of children, using a Bible-based curriculum and innovative programs; to build their bodies through physical education and team sports; and to empower their spirits with an environment conducive to character development and spiritual growth.

Campus Core Values

Campus-wide we share a set of core values that inspire, encourage and challenge us to love God, see people, and fulfill our purpose and destiny. Each ministry on this campus uses these values as a model to create culture and inspire their day-to-day operations.

1. Jesus Is Our Message

We want to share the unfailing love and truth of Jesus and connect people to Him; He is our message. Over time, methods may change and evolve, but our message will stay the same. | Ephesians 2:20

At LSCS, the message of Jesus is of number one importance. Jesus wasn’t just one to talk about His truths, but rather live it out. At LSCS, students are encouraged to live out the message of Jesus through character, integrity, servanthood and responsibility. Each year students are rewarded at the end of the year for displaying these Christ-like characteristics.

2. Relationship Is Everything

Our foundation is rooted in a true revelation of Jesus. We believe revelation comes from a genuine relationship with your Creator. Relationship with Jesus is what restores and inspires us to follow Him. | John 15:5

In the time students spend at LSCS, we want them to walk away with a great education, new life skills and some great memories, but more than anything we want them to walk away with a personal relationship with Jesus. The environment on this entire campus is set up for students to gain just that. From Bible class and assemblies to engaging worship, students will have plenty of opportunities to learn more about their creator and how they can know Him on a more personal level.

3. People Are Our Heart

Aside from loving God, Jesus made it clear that loving people is the most important thing we can do as Christ followers. People are our heart! We desire to love, honor and value ALL people. | Matthew 22:37-39

People are our heart, therefore the students of LSCS and their families are our heart as well. Compassion, love and empathy will be modeled each day for students. We believe that you produce what you are. By being a staff who loves people, we expect to create a student body that loves people.

4. Connecting Is Our Responsibility

Whether we’re connecting to Jesus or helping others connect to Jesus, connecting is our responsibility. We know this is extremely valuable to grow God’s kingdom. | Matthew 28:19-20

The ability to connect with others is not only an incredibly important life skill, but also an incredibly important kingdom skill. We want to teach our students to use their interpersonal skills as well as their giftings and talents to connect with other students, as well as, people outside their usual sphere of influence. Learning to connect is a critical skill in leadership development.

5. Servant Leadership Is Our Identity

We believe every role is different, but every role is important. And, it’s a leader’s responsibility to inspire and build up those around them. Jesus himself came to serve people not to be served. That is why servant leadership is our identity. | Mark 10:45

One amazing attribute of the generation coming up is they are passionate to serve a cause. And, what better cause to serve than the Kingdom cause that serves others. Being a leader isn’t showing people you are great but rather that they are. Throughout the school year, students are challenged through community outreach events in which their servant leadership skills are put to the test.

6. Generosity Is Our Privilege

We believe in creating a culture of giving back what God has so richly given us. It’s our honor to give back to Him. Simply put, generosity is our privilege. We generously give of our time, talents and treasure. | 2 Corinthians 9:7

An important part of leadership development is selflessness. Generosity forces us to look past our needs and to give to the needs of others. Elementary students are able to generously give towards students in need around the world each week during assembly. Other food drives and charitable events are also held throughout the year in order for our students to have opportunities to give generously.

7. Generations Are His Legacy

We want to create a culture where each generation pours into the next, building an inheritance of honor, power, and blessings for the coming generations. | Psalms 78:4-7

One of our favorite elements of our school is the family environment it provides. In accordance with this mission where each generation pours down to the next, we look for opportunities to do just that.

8. Worship Is Our Passion

Worship is a lifestyle, but it is also the praises that we offer as our gift to God. Since He is enthroned on our praises, worship will always be a vital part of all we do. | Psalms 22:3

Worship isn’t just something for church. We can worship anywhere…and we do. Elementary classes begin their day in worship and prayer.

9. Fun Is Essential

Religion can be heavy, but a relationship with Jesus is exciting! We will laugh, have fun and always look for reasons to celebrate. | Nehemiah 8:10

Who says school can’t be fun!? Serving Jesus is fun! We try and remember that in all that we do. From the classroom to the playground, we try to create an atmosphere of fun. This isn’t just school. It’s a place where youth are exploring their faith, and that should be refreshing! Events are going on around this campus almost weekly to create a fun and exciting environment. Even throughout holidays and summers, fun events are still happening that everyone can be a part of.

10. Miracles Still Happen

We serve a BIG God who does BIG things, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. We don’t just believe in miracles, we expect them! | Ephesians 3:20-21

Big and small miracles are all around us. We look for moments and opportunities throughout the day to stop and pause and take note. Prayer happens many times throughout the day to pause and make requests for big and small things we are asking God to do not only for us, but in us and through us!

11. Presence Keeps Us Present

We have continual access to the Father through the Holy Spirit. Our acknowledgment and honor for His Presence allows us to be present in each moment following the leading of the Holy Spirit. | John 14:26

12. Excellence Is Our Example

Everything our God does is excellent! Excellence is not a standard of perfection, but rather a commitment to giving our best. We honor the Lord by following His example and by  doing all things as unto Him. | Colossians 3:23-24

13. Purity Is Our Pursuit

Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God. We passionately pursue purity and holiness in all we do. Jesus lived a holy and blameless life before God. This is our goal – to offer up our lives as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to Him. | Romans 12:1

14. Everything Is His

The Earth and everything in it belongs to the Lord. We posture our hearts with gratitude and commit to steward all things that He has entrusted us with whether it be the people that surround us, the day that is given to us, or the resources that we have been blessed with. | Psalm 24:1

Other Campus Ministries

LS Church

LS Church

Main Services | 10:30am
LS Kids 10:30am | Check-In 10:00am

REFILL Service | Mar. 29
7:30pm-10:30pm | Victory Camp
6th Grade – Young Adults

Precious Stones Day Care

Precious Stones Daycare

Precious Stones Daycare & Preschool
Established 1998

Open 6am-6pm | 281-756-0990

Victory Camp

Victory Camp

Victory Camp
Camp & Conference Center
Established 1993


The Christmas Train

Christmas Train

The Christmas Train at Victory Camp
Established 2000

Select Nights in December
Open 6pm-10pm | 281-388-2267