Fundraisers are an important part of the overall success of LSCS. With a desire to keep tuition affordable, our parents have taken on the sole responsibility of our major fundraisers. These events are spread throughout the school year, and all parents are encouraged to participate. If you would like more information about our fundraisers, please call the schol office at (281)331-0086.



The annual LSCS Walk-A-Thon fundraiser includes our entire upper and lower elementary. Each child is asked to walk ten miles, having gathered pledges from friends and relatives that sponsor them for each mile walked. There are different incentives for pledges received and prizes for certain amounts of money turned in. The class that collects the largest amount of pledged money will have a special party.

On the day of the Walk-A-Thon, parents are invited to walk along with their children and share in the picnic lunch.



The annual LSCS Game-a-Thon takes place each year on the LSCS campus. This fundraiser includes junior high, as well as, high school. Each student is asked to participate for a total of ten hours, having gathered pledges from friends and relatives that sponsors them for each hour of game competition.

The entire junior high and high school are divided into teams complete with team T-shirts and team slogans. Each hour of the evening is spent with the teams competing with one another through organized wacky games. The team winners of the evening are awarded with casual day passes to be used for the remainder of the school year. It is a super fun evening that the students look forward to each year.

High School Mission Trip


For more than 30 years, it has been a senior/high school tradition to travel to a foreign country on a mission trip. Each year, they are involved in leading worship and special services for a local church. Our students are also instrumental in helping the church to build their congregation, inviting people to the meetings and demonstrating the love of Christ. These trips have proven to be a tremendous blessing to students over the years. Mission trips provide an opportunity for the students to strengthen their Christian witness and use their God-given talents.


Valentine’s Day

Each year our senior class offers Valentine’s Day goodies and treats including; fresh flowers, balloons, candy bouquets and singing telegrams. The purpose of this event is not only to spread and share love throughout our school but to raise funds for the Mission Trip.


Birthday Celebrations

We want to give our parents an opportunity to make their student feel special on their birthday. Throughout the year, our high school students offer birthday celebrations which include cupcakes, a balloon, a birthday photo and an incredibly loud singing telegram. This fundraiser also helps to fund student mission trips.


Spirit Links

During spirit week, each class raises money by buying paper links to hang in the cafeteria. The class with the longest chain wins a class party.